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“Cameron lied to the country”, says Clive Peedell

Clive Peedell details Privatisation of NHS to Max Keiser

Money Myths Debunked

Recipe for Ruin: TTIP the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Is the MSM designed to disinform, mute and dilute democratic discourse?

Why the deficit myth is a useful deception

The Pathology of the Rich

Why do politicians tell us Debt/Deficit myths which they must know to be untrue?

The Top 10 Flaws of Neoclassical Economics

Nineteen Eighty Four revisited – Is there a ‘world domination’ study course?

Why are many of the WW2 generation worried about the rise of fascism?

Grangemouth and the EU/WTO

Plutonomy – Invasion of the Political Body Snatchers

‘Politics and Parasites’

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