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How Capitalism works

January 29, 2014


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  1. Isn’t it a shame that socialism and socially responsible capitalism cannot work hand in hand, instead of the current hatred of all the poor of all ages, in work or not, that threatens lives in the UK.

    Socialism is being ‘reformed’ out of existence in the UK, save in the ever more independent Scotland.

    The state pension, for many their sole food and fuel money in old age, is lost to huge numbers of women born from 1953, losing 6 years of payout from 2013, and to men born from 1951, who have lost 1 year’s payout after 65, and then rising above that for younger people in their 50s.

    The Labour party has not offered to repeal Pension Bills 2010-2014
    and the biggest con in UK history of the flat rate pension 2016
    that will see catastrophic penniless old age for many, many men and women.

    Over half of over 50s are within the working poor.

    There are many areas of the UK with a 50 per cent unemployment rate for the over 50s, with the majority reason that age group out of work is due to being disabled / chronic ill.

    97 per cent of the benefits bill is to people in work and poor pensioners, on the lowest state pension as sole income of all rich nations bar poor Mexico.

    Pensioners are not a burden on young working people, nor on government.

    We are all taxpayers from the 75 per cent of taxes from people to government, from people of all ages in or out of work and however long we live, that come from stealth indirect taxes and VAT embedded in our daily lives.

    This means the poor pay a 90 per cent tax rate, even if not paying a penny in income tax.

    Only 25 per cent of tax comes from income tax.

    The poorest 20 per cent have had far, far higher inflation on energy bills and food prices, than any other income level.

    The Greens offer in their 2015 manifesto a hope for the poorest 20 per cent that Labour is not solving at all:

    – universal Citizen Income, automatic to each citizen and non-withdrawable

    – After Citizen Income, a Bettered State Pension, in full to all citizens,
    leaving no citizen with nil state pension for life as is coming now

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